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As a start-up company, it is a bit of a grind getting companies to trust you enough to wholesale with them.  When we started looking into brands we loved, we often heard back with, “Check back at a later time when you’re a little further down the road in your business.”

And if it wasn’t the “check back later” auto-response, it was a minimum order requirement that there was no way we could meet.

And, of course, the biggest was the lack of trust or interest in our business. However, all these things were entirely understandable for a start-up, so we didn’t really take it to heart.  

Naturally, we were nervous when we first approached Indie Lee, but we were also confident that this was a company we were willing to work hard for and lockdown.

Indie Lee took the opportunity to get to know us right away. They were excited for us and that we were pursuing a journey of entrepreneurship.

And that’s probably because they are a genuinely genuine company based on a philosophy and principles we hope to mirror.

Indie Lee places an extreme amount of value on brand authenticity. And this doesn’t just mean making sure their packaging is sleek and that their products are in the right hands.

It means that they work tirelessly to make sure that every cleanser, body balm, and facial oil is derived from only the best ingredients.

That their products work and that they believe in them. A brand like Indie Lee prides itself on the ability to be honest with their consumers about the products they are using on their skin.

After all, our skin is our largest organ and needs to be well taken care of. So you can imagine our excitement when they wanted to work with us!

If you haven’t already watched the video on our website about Indie Lee’s story, you should. But I’ll also tell you a little bit about it here as well because it’s important to us, and to their brand.

I encourage you to learn about her story because I couldn’t do it as much justice as I’d like, but I will try. Indie Lee was diagnosed with a life-threatening brain tumor, and devastating news like that changes your life.

Luckily Indie Lee was able to beat this and awoke with a new lease on life. After environmental factors were suspected as the culprits that led to her diagnosis, she decided to start her “eco-chic” skincare line! And trust me, we are all so glad she did. The time and care put into every product are evident in the packaging, the scents, and the overall quality.

So who is “Indie Lee”?

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of speaking with Rebecca, Indie Lee’s business partner and friend. I was so happy to learn that she and I had much in common regarding our skin and business.

Avalon, my business partner is an accountant by trade and guess what? Rebecca informed me that Indie Lee is too! I laughed about how that was such a coincidence, and then I went on to talk about why I love this brand.

I told Rebecca about how self-conscious I’ve always been about my skin because I was lucky enough to be a teenager with no acne, but how I didn’t have that same luck when I turned 20.

I’ve always been embarrassed about having lousy skin that would break out if I even looked at it funny, and it truly affected me as a person.

I’ve worn heavy amounts of makeup for the last five years of my life because being asked about my skin by family and friends is bad enough.

Still, when strangers in grocery stores start advising you on products and medications, you want to curl up in a little ball with a bottle of wine and the curtains closed until you gather enough courage to resurface again! Ok, maybe I’ve done that once or 100 times, but that could also be because I have two kids under three. But I digress. 

I was surprised to learn that Rebecca had a similar experience. I mean, about her skin. Not the whole bottle of wine and curtains closed thing.

That might be something I do…Anyway, we talked about how funny it was that Indie Lee and her have a personal and business-like relationship, like Avalon and I do; I guess some partnerships are just meant to be! Rebecca told me about how she always struggled with her skin and how originally when Indie Lee approached her about the idea of starting a skincare brand, she said no.

I was surprised by that at first, but then I understood. She didn’t know how to represent a brand when her skin wasn’t great.

I felt that exact same way when Avalon asked me to start Vossity with her. Other than adoring makeup and trying new products, I was a walking disaster to represent a skincare company.

Then, by the grace of Indie Lee, Rebecca and I had the same results using this skincare line. Now, she demonstrates the effects of these products to crowds of people while not wearing a single drop of makeup, and to have that kind of confidence in your skin is truly remarkable.

I never thought I would be comfortable leaving the house without any makeup or that my skin would be nice enough to touch.

But there is something extraordinary about your two-and-a-half-year-old telling you you’re “pretty momma” and touching your face gently.

And then, when your husband, who has seen your frustration firsthand over the years, tells you that your skin looks fantastic, it makes you feel like you’re on cloud nine! I have Indie Lee to thank for that. 

And I guess since I’ve told you about how much I love this brand, I should also tell you about what I’ve been using. Let the record show that I have dehydrated skin prone to breakouts!

My routine is as follows:


1. Brightening Cleanser – smells like strawberries and is full of antioxidants

2. CQ-10 Toner

3. Calendula Eye Balm – under the eyes and around my nose because I’m dehydratedlike my humor

4. Swiss Apple Facial Serum – ANTI-AGING!!! Bye Bye, wrinkles!


1. Brightening Cleanser – every second night

2. CQ-10 Toner

3. Squalane Facial Oil** – won’t clog your pores and will leave your skin ultra soft!

*I also use the Indie Lee body wash in the shower every morning*

**Sometimes I don’t use anything after the toner during my night time routine**

I hope this has given you a little bit of insight about my love for these products and this brand. 

When Avalon and I started this company, we talked about how we wanted to connect with every brand we carried. How we would try and use all the products we could and how we would build relationships with the people creating those products.

I know we are both very excited about our partnership with Indie Lee. Not only because the products are of high quality and made with the finest all-natural ingredients but because Indie Lee and Rebecca have created something unique and life-changing that Avalon and I wish to as well.

They’ve created a lifelong partnership and brand that is based on helping people achieve inner and outer beauty. Their company slogan of “beauty without sacrifice” is so perfectly representative of what they have done with their products. I love everything they stand for and everything they do, and I know you guys will, too. 

You can find a great selection of Indie Lee products on our website, and hopefully, you, too, can find something in there that will make you feel the way we do about this brand.  

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Sanja Serwa is the founder of Vossity and all-round entrepreneurial, Calgary powerhouse – made it her mission to create a simple, effective and affordable luxury skincare brand.
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