Our vision is to create an online store filled with personal care products you can trust. We want to bring you skincare, body care, makeup, and nutrition that are made with organic ingredients, free from harsh chemicals, and cruelty free.

Our commitment to you is to cut through the greenwashing and handpick the best products that still emphasize on feeling and looking beautiful.  

We want to help you avoid the extremes of not wanting to wear makeup to avoid chemicals or the other extreme of having to wear makeup to feel beautiful.

We’re here to offer you beauty products that will allow you to feel and look beautiful in whichever way you want, without worrying about putting toxic ingredients on your skin. 


Apart from bringing you valuable personal care products, we want to create an online shopping experience that is enjoyable and easier than traditional retail stores.  

As avid online shoppers, we know how frustrating those online shopping experiences you usually don’t forget are (not the good ones).

We promise to make your online shopping experience a positive one, offering free shipping on orders over $50 within Canada, $100 within the USA, and $150 globally, along with no hassle returns within 30 days of purchase. And your goodies will always come with our own little personal touch thrown in there.


Our founders started the company by having a common interest and passion when it came to beauty products.  To learn more about our founders, check out the Meet Us section.