“Vossity was created out of necessity. As a mom to three wonderful kids, I was always looking for products that were organic, non-toxic, and free of harsh chemicals for THEM, but for some reason (or maybe like most moms), I forgot about me!

My love for green beauty was gradual, but it grew quickly once I realized that organic doesn’t mean “doesn’t work”. I found switching to natural beauty products complex, though, because I had to shop for them all over the place. So I thought, why not make it easier for myself and everyone else? Aka, VOSSITY!

Originally, this began as a joint venture with one of my good friends and has now developed into a solo (ad)venture that I am more than thrilled to be on.

The mission is to educate everyone on the importance of safe products and that switching from the brands you’re used to is simple by providing them all in one place.

Everyone uses beauty products in some way, shape, or form, so we might as well use nontoxic ones that have never been tested on animals.

We promise to continuously research potentially harmful ingredients and carry products free from the ingredients on our “Ditch These” list. We’re your go-to place for ‘all things natural beauty’.