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  • LUMINOUS SKIN FROM WITHIN - Aura Radiance is a powerhouse beauty blend that contains a balance of live and spore-forming probiotics, natural prebiotics and antioxidant packed superfoods to promote healthy gut flora, fight cellular damage and give you healthy, radiant skin.

    The Radiance beauty powder helps restore your inner beauty for a clear, glowing, radiant complexion and regenerates healthy skin and youthfulness while slowing the signs of aging. This powder is great for boosting energy, immunity, healing and overall well-being with powerful antioxidants. Improve your gut health and digestion, and reduce inflammation with activated probiotic and prebiotic in this yummy blend

  • Key Ingredients:

    DIGESTIVE BLEND Radiance's prebiotic and probiotic blend support digestive health, reduces bloating and gas retention, and improves inflamed skin conditions like eczema and acne.
    MANGOSTEEN: A rare antioxidant, Xanthones, that’s known for it’s healing powers, does wonders for the skin by fighting inflammation and promoting the regeneration of new cells.
    ROSEHIP: A nutrient powerhouse, the fruit of the rose plant contains impressive amounts of Vitamin C (60x more than oranges) which boosts the production of collagen and improves immunity.
    WATERMELON SEEDS: These black seeds contain high amounts of linoleic acid and are full of anti-aging amino acids that help retain moisture in the skin and reduce acne.
    INDIAN GOOSEBERRY: Packed full of phytochemicals these berries promote liver health, reduce inflammation, keep hair and skin healthy, enhance digestive health, and support mental alertness.
    DULSE: This mineral rich sea vegetable found on the East Coast of Canada is an excellent source of iodine, iron, potassium, and Vitamin B6 and helps to support thyroid function and energy metabolism.
    BLACK CURRANT:These small dark berries are one of the richest in anthocyanin which boast antimicrobial properties that protect against cognitive decline, cancer, diabetes and heart disease.

    All Ingredients:

    Iinulin (chicory root), lemon juice powder*, mangosteen (peel extract)*, rosehip extract*, agave inulin powder*, green tea extract, sprouted mung beans*, amla extract*, pomegranate extract*, sprouted watermelon seeds, black currants, beet root, dulse powder, cocoa extract, burdock root*, ginger*, cinnamon*, tomato extract, natural pomegranate flavour, Probiotic Blend (LactoSpore®, Saccharomyces boulardii, Lactobacillus rhamnosus) stevia leaf extract. *Certified Organic

  • WE LOVE AURA Inner beauty BECAUSE. . .

    . . ."beauty from within" isn't just a fad. Optimal gut health has numerous benefits to the outward appearance of your skin and having a healthy gut never hurt anyone either. AURA has also managed to created a product that is good for you AND delicious which is a concept we can definitely get behind!  click here

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