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Say hello to the cleanest makeup to ever touch your skin. ALL of the makeup below is organic, nontoxic, vegan*, and gluten free. From lipstick and concealer, to eyeshadow and foundation, we've curated the highest quality in green beauty makeup.
*Please note some products contain organic beeswax which is harvested sustainably.
Are you just starting to make the switch from conventional makeup to products and brands with safer standards? Well we recommend you start with a foundation or lipstick. Did you know many foundations have harsh chemicals that cause contact dermatitis? Foundation is the one makeup product that we can safely say most women use, and since it covers your entire face, it's a bonus when it doesn't contain any toxic ingredients. And lipstick? Well that one is easy. How many times a day do you lick your lips, eat, or drink? Now think about what you're ingesting if you have a toxic lipstick on. But don't worry, we've got you covered. And beyond foundation and lipstick, you'll find so many beautiful and safe products below. And if you want to learn more about the toxic ingredients in traditional makeup, read our "Ditch These Ingredients" list to see what to avoid and what none of our products have!