14 Day Oil Pulling Kit - Coco Rinse

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14 Day Oil Pulling Kit - Coco Rinse
14 Day Oil Pulling Kit - Coco Rinse
14 Day Oil Pulling Kit - Coco Rinse
14 Day Oil Pulling Kit - Coco Rinse
  • 14 Day Organic Mint Flavoured Coconut Oil Pulling Kit

    Coco Rinse is a much needed 14 day oil pulling detox to get rid of plaque and bacteria, leaving you with minty fresh breath and white teeth. Oil pulling is clinically proven to give you a healthy smile! Used daily, Coco Rinse will help to give you:

    • White Teeth
    • Fresh Breath
    • Reduced Plaque and Tartar Build Up
    • Reduced Headaches
    • Clearer, Softer Skin

    Our unique blend of organic mint flavoured coconut oil is the perfect, delicious way to practice this ancient tradition. Each box contains 14 sachets.

  • Organic coconut oil, organic peppermint essential oil.

    The highest quality DME™, virgin, organic coconut oil is used in Kismet Essentials products. It truly is the freshest, fairest, and most future friendly type of coconut oil available today.

    • Fresh: This coconut oil is sourced from coconuts that are wild grown and hand picked by local Salomon Island farm owners. Once picked, the coconuts are hand pressed using the Direct Micro-Expelling (DME™) process. This means they are cold pressed manually, and the coconut oil produced and collected in 90 minutes or less.
    • Fair: This coconut oil is certified fair trade- something we can all feel good about! Our coconut oil meets three separate standards of fair trade, meaning from tree to sachet there is opportunity for employees to earn a reasonable income. We make sure our coconut oil is produced in consistent, respectful working conditions and that the local community benefits from our partnership.
    • Future Friendly: This coconut oil is produced in both an environmentally friendly and sustainable way. Each step of the DME™ process makes efficient and full use of the resources involved, resulting in minimal waste. No dangerous chemicals whatsoever are used to grow or manufacture the coconut oil. Finally, DME™ coconut oil helps to build healthy and happy futures for communities instead of exploiting them. We aim to provide our customer with the ability to improve their own health, but not at a cost of another’s well being.


  • Oil pulling works best first thing in the morning, before eating, drinking, or brushing your teeth. Tear open a sachet and put it in your mouth. You can either put it directly into your mouth in solid form, or run the sachet under warm water so that it liquidizes. Swirl the oil through your mouth, gently pulling it through and around your teeth. Do not gargle or swallow the oil, as after pulling it will contain all the bacteria and toxins from your mouth. After 10-20 minutes, spit the oil into a trashcan and brush your teeth. Don’t forget to floss!


    . . .this another win for our generation. Kismet Essentials launched also as a passion project only one month prior to Vossity. As they say, " we are true believers in the power of the right natural ingredients," and hey so are we! We are so proud to carry another amazing Canadian brand with the purest values and intentions. To learn more about this Kismet Essentials, click here

14 Day Oil Pulling Kit - Coco Rinse
14 Day Oil Pulling Kit - Coco Rinse
14 Day Oil Pulling Kit - Coco Rinse
14 Day Oil Pulling Kit - Coco Rinse

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