We love Schaf because. . .

. . .they have created premium skincare that is 100% natural and toxin free. Their simple yet effective packaging lends itself to a unisex audience giving you luxurious products that are extremely effective. With a unique blend of plant extracts that clean, nurture, and protect your skin, Schaf’s lightweight and fragrance free formulas have got you covered. Schaf skincare helps with everything from fine lines and wrinkles, to acne and elasticity. Skincare doesn’t have to be complicated. Keep it simple, natural, and clean. “Practice safe skincare”.

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    Shave Cream

    $25.00 $21.25
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  • Sale! Moisturizer - Schaf Skincare | Vossity - Canada

    Schaf Moisturizer

    $45.00 $38.25
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    Revitalizing Serum

    $65.00 $55.25
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  • Sale! Purifying Scrub - Schaf Skincare | Vossity - Canada

    Purifying Scrub

    $40.00 $34.00
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  • Sale! Facial Cleanser - Schaf Skincare | Vossity - Canada

    Facial Cleanser

    $35.00 $29.75
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  • Sale! Eye Cream | Night Cream - Schaf Skincare | Vossity - Canada

    Eye Cream | Night Cream

    $60.00 $51.00
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    Arctic Mud Treatment

    $50.00 $42.50
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