We love Axiology because. . .

. . .each lipstick is made by hand with a blend of natural and organic ingredients. Axiology embodies love, truth, and beauty in every aspect of their business with portions of their proceeds donated to organizations like PETA, the Orangutan Foundation International, and other humane societies. Axiology also loves to support women, as their lipstick boxes are made in Bali by an all women-owned recycled paper boutique. Their packaging is sleek and sophisticated, with every detail selected with similar precision as the ingredients used in their products. Whether you’re looking for something more neutral like “Instinct” or going for a brighter look with “Reflection”, you’ll always find the right colour, or colours, to match your personality. So pucker up, and get ready for some seriously kissable lips!

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  • Sale! Axiology Organic Lipstick | Vossity - Canada

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  • Axiology Organic Lipstick | Vossity - Canada

    Axiology Lipstick

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